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A legion of superheroes flies out from the skyline to do battle with a a titanic, helmeted foe.

Champions Universe

by Steven Long

Countless dangers threaten Earth and her people: would-be world conquerors; powered armor-wearing madmen; invaders from outer space and other dimensions; ruthless assassins; criminal and terrorist organizations bent on world domination; mad scientists equipped with super-technology; evil sorcerers and their mystic minions; and costumed criminals of every possible description. Fortunately, an equally diverse array of superheroes stands ready to oppose these menaces at every turn and keep humanity safe.

You are one such hero, ready to put your life on the line to defend Freedom, Truth, and Justice. Sometimes you struggle to balance your personal life and responsibilities with the undeniably important duties of your costumed persona, but in the end all the effort’s worth it… usually.

Created by: Steven Long (stevenslong)

Based on Champions products published by Hero Games and Cryptic Studios

World type: Open

image source: Hero Games