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Figures wrapped in heavy winter cloaks fight their way through a blizzard, holding torches high to keep menacing wolves at bay.

A Land of Ice & Peril

by Ryan Macklin

Frykogur is one of many villages in the snowy lands of Mythic Norden. Its people live harsh lives, contending against the will of the gods manifest in weather and calamity, monsters in the darkness waiting for the unwary to pass near, and people who bring cruelty to others. Yet in this harsh land lie gems of hope, seeded by acts that keep the people of Frykogur safe and with joy in their hearts.

Mythic Norden is a land of gods and monsters who make the world uncaring to mortalkind. A Land of Ice & Peril is the other side of that story: a story of mortals fighting against oppression and terror from outside inhuman forces while living in a community filled with needs and desires. For as hard as the world is, there are still people in it who are warm beacons of light in the cold darkness.

But those beacons are also human, and humans hold fears, doubts, and yearnings in their hearts. The very land of Mythic Norden knows this too well, and will use that against the protagonists.

Created by: Ryan Macklin (RyanMacklin)

World type: Open

image source: Manuel Castanon