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Lost in the Void

There is magic, and then there is magic. Hedge magic, witchcraft, and the like are but a pale imitation of the power of the true magic, known as sorcery. Sorcery is the true power in Calinth, a prosperous magocracy on the largest continent of the planet Azura.

While sorcery has done much to improve the lives of the people, many could not help but look up at the night sky and dream– what if they could use their magic to leave the confines of Azura and soar through that vast void high above?

The Council, ruling body of Calinth, has taken up the project. It directs the great universities, guilds, and other institutions of the realm to begin working together on a solution for navigating the void. Such a monumental task requires all six schools of magic, and a diverse team of mages is assembled.

You are a member of that team, working on the void-navigation project. When disaster strikes, you are about to get a whole lot of firsthand experience.

This game uses the same magic system that I used in Crisis in Calinth. That game is not required reading but it may serve as a good example how spellcasting will work.

Hosted and narrated by: Amber (sparkletwist)

Started 07/18/21. Scenes played: 4

License: Community License

image source: Noel Bauza