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Having been thrown together only in the last week, a group of first time adventurers stumble into the remote village of Grizzlewood. Mystery and adventure await in the foothills of the Grey Mountains.


It had been raining for a day and a half now but at last the mid afternoon sun had finally crept out and was starting to warm them. Over the next hill the outskirts of the remote village was coming into view. A roughly hewn out log at the edge of the dirt track spelt out “Grizzlewood”. Odd though, the first settlement on the outskirts was boarded up, smoke arose from the chimney but nobody responded to knocking. This continued to the second and then to the third settlement. Most odd and a little unsettling. What is wrong here?

Hosted and narrated by: Jim Rodgerson (JimRod)

Completed 11/17/20. Scenes played: 6

License: Community License