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Gods, Monsters, and Heroes

The Story

Skylar, an ordinary middle-school girl, is having trouble with school and family. One day it gets particularly bad when she finds herself transported to another world. Almost immediately she is swept up in the intrigues of gods, mages, and kings.

For indeed, in this new world, the gods are capricious and cruel, and the beasts and plants are gigantic. Everything is new and wonderful and perilous. And yet…

Skylar learns she has a power all her own, and it will be up to her to save the world, and hopefully find her way back home.


This Storium is set a high fantasy world where the dominant native race are liliputian humans, a tiny, diminutive species roughly six inches tall at their greatest height, living in a world far too large for them. However, their passions and ideals are no less great and daring, and their culture and histories are evocative of the Greek Heroic Age, the Epic Cycle especially.


It’s difficult to describe the themes in a tale so large, but some ideas I’d like to explore are: the nature of kingship and what makes a good (or bad) leader; the relationship between king and subjects; fighting a war that is not your own; the interaction between divinity and mortality; prophecy and fate and how one meets their doom; and perhaps others as they strike me.

Historical (or even literary) accuracy is not really the aim of this game, unless it makes for a better story. This should be a tale about larger-than-life heroes first and foremost.

Hosted and narrated by: airellian

Started 10/09/17. Scenes played: 6

License: Community License