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Fast Times at the Academy of the Occult

Magic is real. The Fog keeps it from mundane eyes. But the Strange is persistent, and sometimes, infectious. Ordinary people can experience some kind of event that makes them into Conduits: humans who are now part of, and able to channel, the forces of the Strange.

Somewhere in America stands the Tower, a skyscraper that houses the Academy of the Occult. Conduits are invited there to learn how to master their unique Talent, and to learn how to do other magic besides.

There’s a lot of knowledge and power to be gained, but also danger. Forces of the Strange are drawn to the Tower, and students sometimes must contend with supernatural attacks or hostile infiltrations.

Regardless of the danger, enough Conduits across America think its worth it to attend the Academy of the Occult and become mages. You found it worth it, for one reason or another. And your time at the school is about to begin.

Fast Times at the Academy of the Occult is a Storium game for as many players who wish to join. The premise of the game is designed to allow for players to easily enter and exit the narrative.

The game is a magic school, urban fantasy, modern myth game with a mostly serious tone, with comedic and black comedic undertones. Players will be Conduits of the Strange who are training to become mages at the Academy of the Occult, in the mysterious and magical skyscraper called the Tower.

Each scene will be a standalone episode, so players do not need to read the game so far in order to jump in. What episode comes next will be decided on by player vote. Player ideas for new episodes are welcome.

The game will has a dedicated channel on the Storium Slack, called _occult-tower. Episode voting will take place in this channel. Membership is strongly encouraged, but not required.

There is an external game guide.

This game is a spiritual cousin to Fast Times at the Institute of the Accursed and Fast Times at the Academy of the Powered. Shout out to Luxtizer for running those games, and letting me steal a lot of their ideas!

Hosted and narrated by: Kana

Completed 04/30/21. Scenes played: 3

License: Community License