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Eerie Township Police Department

Eerie is a charming, picturesque township on the east coast, an everytown full of everymen and everywomen and everychildren, absolutely brimming with tourists when the air turns crisp and the leaves go bright, blood red. It is a township steeped in history; city hall was once a slaughterhouse, the courthouse was an orphanage, and the police station was an asylum. But all that’s not unusual, when everything goes back so many hundreds of years. The threat of a brush with the supernatural is what lures visitors to Eerie every fall, clogging up the lovely bed and breakfasts, the sprawling inns and even the no-tell motels, leaving their fingerprints all over the local economy.

A handcrafted sign purchased on Main Street and erected for display at the Loony Bin, as the police station is affectionately known, counts down the number of days til Hallowe’en. If there was enough funding for it, the chief would double her staff to handle the perpetual shit show that is autumn in Eerie, when the township is teeming with tourists looking for a thrill and locals that get downright ornery about it. Most of the time it’s harmless mischief.

Til now.


The Lost Room
American Horror Story
Welcome to Night Vale
Stephen King
Stranger Things
The Returned

Hosted and narrated by: Kommandant

Started 10/12/16. Scenes played: 17

License: Community License