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Dust in the Wind

Dust in the Wind

Hope for the future is a rare commodity in Ashirek City.

Nothing ever changes. The real power remains in the same hands, no matter the result of any election. Most people, especially in the impoverished Low Town, have come to terms with the stagnancy and their lack of prospects. They’ve accepted that things are never going to change for the better, not without a miracle.

But what if everything was about to change for the worse?

Suppose that a group of poor young friends somehow came across evidence of a political plot, one that could ruin what little security and joy their lives hold. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes… but will this knowledge give them the power avert a terrible future? Or will it destroy them if they try?

Hosted and narrated by: Mysterious Stranger (Furare)

Completed 12/08/16. Scenes played: 17

License: Community License