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Dreams of the Somnambulists

The Old Kingdoms have long ruled the civilizations of the continent. Powerful storms known as the Maelstrom have raged on the oceans surrounding the continent for just as long, preventing any travel beyond their deadly barrier. Last year, the Maelstrom dissipated, allowing ships to sail into the unknown for the first time in history. What lies beyond is a mystery, an unexplored frontier in all directions. Several kingdoms have launched expeditions, with mixed results. The kingdom of Theridan has managed to establish a settlement on a newly discovered continent, and a lottery was created to select the next batch of colonists on a grand voyage to their new home. This new land is an opportunity for freedom in a new frontier, a chance to start over, a place to make your mark upon, or a refuge to provide a means of escape. Which is it for you?

Hosted and narrated by: Kevin (Doomcrow)

Started 03/20/17. Scenes played: 0

License: Host License