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A tale of infiltration and deception in the city of Sudenheim.

You are a group of business associates, who roam from place to place earning coin by completing tasks for rich clients. You have a considerable history together.

In this story you are tasked by a rich client, Alric Vogel to infiltrate the city of Sudenheim’s thieves guild (The League of Shadows). You will need to earn the trust of the guild and play the factions off each other. In return for a rich payout, you’ve to recover a magical artefact from the guild, which they have allegedly stolen from Alric.

It was quite a while since Alric Vogel had been in Sudenheim. The city was as it had been when he was last here, teeming with life. Alric stood on the busy Neumarkt Strausse looking up at the sign above the building. It was in need of repair and wasn’t particularly legible but this was clearly the ‘Bow and Bard’.

Altric smelled what had to be beef broth as he pushed open the door. It was late morning and the staff inside were busily arranging seating for the midday rush. Alric recognised the proprietor behind the bar. “Gunter, isnt it” he said conversationally as he walked over. Gunter looked up without any hint of recognition. “What can I get you sir, he started. Alric pushed a pouch of coins onto the counter in front of Gunter. “You might set me up in the snug over there”. He nodded to the small room in the corner. “And a bowl of that beef broth would be nice” he added. “I’ve a few business associates arriving by mid afternoon. If they mention the word “gauntlet” you might direct them to the snug”.

Hosted and narrated by: Jim Rodgerson (JimRod)

Completed 11/13/22. Scenes played: 7

License: Community License