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Crisis in Calinth

There is magic, and then there is magic. Hedge magic, witchcraft, and the like are but a pale imitation of the power of the true magic, known as sorcery. Nearly a century ago, the sorcerers of Calinth took the power into their own hands; they overthrew their corrupt kings, establishing their own magocracy. Why shouldn’t those with power over the nature of reality itself also have the power to rule?

That is not to say that every mage gets to rule. In order to have true power in Calinth, you must be on the Council, and to get on the Council, you must be appointed by that same body… and to get that requires winning the Council’s favor.

Recently, there have been reports that a number of dangerous creatures of unknown origin are now on the loose in Calinth. The matter needs to be dealt with quickly… and quietly. Calling in the Praetorians (the Council’s security force) will attract entirely too much attention.

As such, a small group of skilled but unknown mages has received word from the Council that their services are needed, and such service always comes with a reward…

Hosted and narrated by: Amber (sparkletwist)

Completed 09/15/20. Scenes played: 12

License: Community License

image source: Tabor