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Creation is a short Storium game for 8 to 12 players. You’ll play gods charged with working together on the creation of a world (or similar habitat) suitable for human life.

The gods will have to contend with the forces of the primordial, chaotic Void resisting their attempts at creation. Initial attempts at making a habitable world will be attacked, sabotaged, and sometimes permanently damaged. Part of the intended fun for players will be working around these setbacks, coming up with creative solutions to strange problems.

The final product of all your work will need to be Earthlike enough to support human life (i.e., there’s air, water, land, light, gravity, etc.), but it doesn’t have to be a planet. We could end up making a disc, or floating islands, or a belt of small moons, or any number of other configurations.

Humanity itself will not be born until the very end of the game, so you won’t be trying to keep a vulnerable population alive, just preparing for their coming.

The gods are intended to work together as a team.

The length of the game is not preplanned, but will likely be around 5 to 7 scenes.

I will be accepting all players as a group once I have enough submissions to choose from.

Before the beginning, there was only the Void. The primordial Chaos, that was both Everything and Nothing.

Within the Void was endless, tumultuous change. All that was or could be constantly formed and unformed in a churning sea of potential.

Until, the idea of forever formed – and did not unform. The chaos of the Void did its best to snuff it out. But the thought could not be unthought, and so the first mind was born.

The first thought of this mind, sensing its solitude and uniqueness, was more. This thought multiplied, until a thousand, million, billion, trillion souls joined the first. Thus the Well of Souls, the nearly countless human spirits waiting to be born, came to be.

Without form, without life, the great Well of Souls had only their power to wish to hold back the Void. But wanting more, forever, was a great power indeed. The souls dreamed of what they could be, what they wanted to be. They wanted incarnation. They wanted evolution. They wanted to grow, learn, build.

And by the power of their wish, they had a vision of what they would need. Light. Air. Water. Earth. Fire. Life. Time. Law. A world, a womb, a sanctuary in which they could be born, live, die.

Then they could return to the Well wiser, adding the experience of their years, until they incarnated again. A grand cycle of cosmic rebirth where sin and flaw would slowly be purged, until a level of profound greatness and wonder they could not yet imagine was finally achieved.

Until they could truly become more, forever.

But the souls of the Well could not create the world they wanted with their wishes alone. So instead, they wished for the birth of beings that could.

And so you, the gods, are born.

Hosted and narrated by: Kana

Completed 05/21/20. Scenes played: 5

License: Community License