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Comedy Test Game

Just a no-commitments test of a few different comedy genres and styles. The game will be expanded and flushed out as it progresses, and will hopefully lead to other more fruitful ventures.

  1. A kind of horror-comedy, where you’re trapped in some guys evil lair with a bunch of traps and you basically just make fun of how contrived the whole situation is. There will be the typical evil villain tropes, and ridiculous puzzle traps that have simple logical flaws or don’t really accomplish anything and the like. I actually don’t watch any horror so it’ll be light on the horror aspect, more just silly-spooky.
  2. Something Willy Wonka-esque. Kind of zany and ridiculous with lots of nonsense. You’re invited into some eccentric’s factory for whatever reason.
  3. A sitcom of some sort. Maybe try different ones, ranging from something Seinfield-like to something more out there like an animated series like the Simpsons, to something crazier with fantasy or sci-fi elements like Regular Show or Futurama. (There’s already one of these going on called “Meet the Hoggs” if you’re interested in see it)

Drop by the lobby to say hi, or express interest in this or future comedies, or to watch the game unfold and follow along with it in the comments.

Hosted and narrated by: Webb

Completed 05/21/17. Scenes played: 3

License: Community License