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Interstellar transport Caspian is the first of her kind to travel the Lokrane Way, a new hyperspace route between Earth and the distant colony of Threshold. Brave human scouts and astrographers mapped the Lokrane, accomplishing in a few decades what had long stumped the far-reaching Khulu and mysterious Aelsh alike: reducing the travel time crossing the barren stretch between Earth and the fertile expanse beyond Threshold from years to mere months.

For the first two thirds of their three-month voyage, Caspian and her passengers enjoyed a smooth, uneventful ride. But when they began to pass through the Cascades nebula on the last leg of their journey, the pleasant ride came to an abrupt halt.

It began with the ship dropping quietly out of hyperspace, far from any known gravity well. With the Caspian gently coasting along in unknown territory, and no word from her captain, the passengers and crew have to figure out what’s going on as a strange quiet spreads throughout the ship…

Hosted and narrated by: Indigo (indigodawn)

Started 09/11/19. Scenes played: 3

License: Community License