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Camera Obscura

By Earth’s reckoning, it is late in the 24th century… over 200 years since the Shizon Hegemony officially assumed control over the known galaxy.

Individual systems maintain a certain degree of autonomy under the leadership of the Shizon, as long as they stay well within the Shizonis’ good graces. Distribution of resources and technology is ultimately regulated by the Shizon – which, in some cases, means the peoples of this timeline are better off than in the main one: for example, Gylaan implant tech has been integrated into society for longer, and medical implants are (at least in theory) more readily available.

Earth’s sociopolitical environment shows the effects of long-term, subtle social engineering by the Shizon/Ekwu.

Your characters are crew of a midsized deep-space cargo vessel from Earth – the Bactrian. (The full crew complement is of ~30 individuals, including an Ekwu communicator.)

It’s an honest job, the captain is demanding but kind, and the crew gets along well enough. But when the Bactrian is called on to assist a Shizon pacification force occupying the troublesome Uru system, will the crew face up to the truth that the Shizon are not the benevolent overlords their planetary leaders would have them believe? Will they make a stand?

Note: this game is played only in live sessions.

Hosted and narrated by: Indigo (indigodawn)

Started 12/28/16. Scenes played: 6

License: Community License