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Biohazard: Umbrella Security Service

Updated 7/3/2021
Beginner friendly! There is also a premade character available for those who can play the role of that character! For all those who like Resident Evil, post apocalyptic stories, and zombie fans this is the story to join! This game is set in the Resident Evil universe and it is also my take in how the game RE: Operation Raccoon City should have been told but with so much more content.

For those who wondered what it would be like to play the role of an evil soldier in a zombie apocalypse. You play as a U.S.S operative with a few goals in mind. Destroy any evidence relating to Umbrella and the outbreak of Raccoon City, eliminating survivors, and recovering any viral samples within underground labs all while trying to stay alive from the infected. The story is a what if scenario. What if Umbrella had sent in competent operatives besides HUNK into Raccoon City? Can you keep the horrible secrets from coming out?

I should also note this game will extend outside of Raccoon City. There’s a lot of content in this one for those who want their Resident Evil fix. Let’s have fun with this! Also to note, you do not need to know about Resident Evil to play this game!

Hosted and narrated by: Azriel Graham (XxZEExX)

Started 04/09/21. Scenes played: 5

License: Community License