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Animal Adventure! [leaf]

What happens when a Duck and Beaver meet a Baby in the woods?
Excitement and Adventure of course!!

Choose from a set cast of animals an unlikely duo to find a baby lost in the woods of North America, and try to get it home safely to its parents!

Will the Wolf betray and eat them? Will the Beavers help them? Can you find food and shelter?

Game Notes:
-This game is meant to be a light, fast, and fun game, so expect daily moves at minimum and only short written passages.
-You each choose one of the set animal roles to play as to try to help a baby to safety, as well as further your own goals/subplots

Author Notes:
-more animal character types will be added in the future
-the game will be more fleshed out as it goes along
-feel free to drop by the Lobby and leave a comment to tell us what you think!

Hosted and narrated by: Webb

Completed 01/03/18. Scenes played: 6

License: Community License