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Accidentaly a Slave

Knights and nobles and maidens fair! You have put your fate in Fortune’s fine hands as you travel the fair seas of the Mediterranean. There are tourneys to be won, marriages to be made, and maidens to be… well, the maidens know. The maidens always know.

But then pirates attacked. And a storm blew up. And there was some sort of problem with the rudder. And then some pirates attacked the other pirates and then the storm got worse and…

Well, long story short, you got shipwrecked. The natives responded to your distress as they were wont to do. IE, looting everything of value on your downed ship, including your fine self.

And now you’ve been sold as a slave to the local lord. He’s not a bad fellow, but you aren’t much interested in tending his gardens for the rest of your life.

So it’s time to stage a jail break, in high medieval style.

Hosted and narrated by: Meg (Lunarflight)

Started 11/19/16. Scenes played: 0

License: Community License