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A Practical Intro to Theoretical Magic

A Practical Intro to Theoretical Magic

Belhurst, New York. A second cousin to NYC - twice removed. It’s a hour (give or take traffic) from the city proper, but the same, or shorter, from prominent farmland. Just the kind of small, yet booming, contradiction for a Magicians’ Discussion Club. Or ‘Magic Club’, if you’re not trying to sneak your credentials past a skeptical school board.

The general assumption is that you are: A) a bunch of people sawing each other in half, B) Magic: The Gathering, C) definitely not the strip joint they were actually trying to Google.

But you know better. You’re magicians.


It’s common intuition that magic got muscled out of the world a long time ago. Science, logic, and Instagram came to be and there just wasn’t room for it anymore. Its use diminished, so its sense followed.

Still, there is something that keeps you going: a pull, a feeling, a desire, a loneliness, a sense of importance. The others around you; magicians, all.

Hosted and narrated by: CJaneWrite

Completed 05/08/17. Scenes played: 6

License: Community License