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A Constellation of Maladies

A Constellation of Maladies

Crew sheets:

Since time immemorial, human beings have faced the question: who are we?

You are among the remaining executive officers of the interstellar cargo freighter Akenni. You’re the remaining officers because something has happened to most of the other officers. And the ship. And it’s still going on.

[lights flicker]

You’re responsible for getting everyone out of this mess.

[klaxon sounds]

You’re in trouble.


AIL Akenni
Class: Ibeji-class reconfigurable interstellar freighter
Registry: Ajacity Interstellar Lines, a Solatine-based subsidiary of IBC (57% ownership)
Specs: approx. 420 meters long, 82 meters wide; currently configured for max container capacity (12 commercial cargo bays, 6 on either side)
Complement: 2 cargo-capable, limited-range sublight lighters; 4 built-in shelter-on-ship “SOS” emergency modules
Layout: bridge, administrative areas, crew quarters and facilities contained on decks 1-4 of 21 access levels; sublight engines located at rear; power plant located forward of engines; FTL drive and halo located midship


Captain: Mersuzat Oum [DECEASED]
Chief Officer: Oloway
Third Officer: C. Carlton Pennington IV [replacing Sixty Adebinto]
Chief Navigation Officer: Harkiner Eldavi [MIA]

  • Navigation Specialist: Yenosia Busayd
    Senior Communications Officer: Carolan von Mueller
    • Communications Specialist: Lachman Bell
      Administrative Officer: Mode Marulzam Rashid [MIA]

Chief Engineer: Dylan Tohill

  • Staff Engineer: Dominique Barsoum [Acting Chief Officer, FTL]
    First Engineering Officer (FTL): Idemus King [MIA]
    First Engineer (Sublight Propulsion Systems): Mirinda (“Sparky”) Venka [internal promotion, replacing Kesar Ibelyassa]
    First Engineer (Power Plant): Marten Dirchs
    First Engineer (Support): Stanton [MIA]
  • Support Engineer: Kormorant-17 [Acting Chief Officer, Support]
  • Support Engineer: Orestes
  • Support Engineer: Sarka

Chief of Operations: Andrew Jackson (“AJ”) Porter
Systems Operations Officer: 98AfKhaiam (“Tsy”) [DECEASED]

  • Systems Tech Specialist: Peerson Kilo [DECEASED]
  • Systems Tech Specialist: Lisla Sing [DECEASED]
  • Systems Tech Specialist: Ebubele Col
    Robotics Operations Officer: Johannes Busteno (“Steno”)
    Maintenance Operations Officer: Frank Knight [MIA]

Cargo Chief: Ritsema Brahim [MIA]
Chief Steward: [MIA]
Head Cook: Junby Gardan

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Roland Cumberbund

  • Medical Technician: Molly Donall
    Ship Security Officer: Brygt Pagbara [DECEASED]
    • Safety Steward: M.R.Y. Cheleb


  • Crewman Ortez
  • (Trainee) Crewman Julia Knight

AIL Field Operations Manager: Tok V [MIA]
Lead Consultant, Lastrakhar Services: Olwato Moyemi [MIA]
2nd Team Lead, Lastrakhar Services: Finton Steiger-Donall

Hosted and narrated by: MyHandToGOB

Completed 03/16/16. Scenes played: 7

License: Community License

image source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Toledo